Introducing Monthly Blog Articles

SiteWyze Solutions is now offering all Chiropractors an option to receive monthly blog articles that they can have posted on their website/blog. These articles will be professionally written by the OCA and will include topics of interest for your patients.

Professionally Written Articles

Blog writing can be an important aspect of search engine optimization as Google likes to see relevant content on your website that it can index.  

Each blog article is shared among those who participate in this monthly program, and we are offering this service for a low price of only $15 per month.  This includes us posting one article written by the OCA to your blog each month (number of articles dependent on the Association).  You can also promote the article on your social media for further exposure by placing a link back to your website.

In addition, this offer provides you will full access to your own website blog where you can also write and post additional articles as often as you like. Plus, if you see something in the articles we post that you would like to personalize to your clinic a little more, you are free to do so through your blog module.

If you would like to subscribe to this service, simply click the sign up button below and we will include you in the service.


View For Yourself

Take a look at the live template demos to view
the different layouts available.